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Tips for restoring data / file infected with danifin virus Hey buddy

Tips for restoring data / file infected with danifin virus Hey buddy, do you have a virus? You do not panic if your important files or folders have been infected with the virus and modify the extension. In fact, the virus does not cache files or folders terkana virus, does not completely remove. For example, if you find the data you are exposed to the MS Word virus and modify the * .exe extension (application / application type), the actual original file will be hidden and the file displayed is duplicate files created by the virus With the extension changed by the rogue virus. While the original file you just changed its attributes in the "system" file so that it becomes super hidden and not visible at all, even if you enable "Show hidden files and folders" would still be not visible. Well, most such viruses attack on files in flash and used as distribution medium. Virus of interest displays the duplication of files is that computer users do not think the file is a virus file, so that if a file is opened, the virus spreads and infect computer systems. So beware if you find the files in the flash has changed its extensions (ie doc exe) because if you open this file your computer that has not been exposed to the virus may be infected with the virus . So how do we restore the original file?

Here I will restore the files in the virus shown infected flash New Heuristic '. New Heuristic Viruses are viruses that replicate all MS Word files in flash, and then change the attributes of the original file as "hidden" and "system files", and then displays a copy of the file with the application type (exe) . If the open file is a virus could infect your computer system.

Steps to restore the files that were hidden by the virus as follows:

1. Perform an antivirus scan with an antivirus program (we recommend that you use the latest antivirus updates to detect and remove new viruses). You can also delete files directly on the bervirus.

2. If Antivirus can clean the virus, the data is normalized automatically for antiviral other than a virus can delete files can also restore your original files. But if the antivirus is only able to remove (delete a file as a virus) without being able to restore your original file you want to follow the following steps.

3. On the Windows Explorer menu bar, click Tools >> Folder Options or open Control Panel >> Folder Options.

4. In the "Folder Options" dialog box that appears, click the Display tab. Then, in the "hidden files and folders", select the "Show hidden files and folders.

5. Next, clear the "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)" check box. In the warning box that appears (warning), click the Yes button.

6. Then click the OK button.

7. Next, all the hidden files and folders are viruses seem unclear.

Well, it seems that each of your original file with the extension duplicated by virus types Application (exe), while the original Microsoft Word (.doc) file type seems to be unclear.

8. To normalize all files and folders are hidden from viruses, ie the open prompt Ms. Dos command by clicking Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt.

9. Next, go to the drive where the files and folders are hidden. In this example, the file in the flash drive is F :, on the command prompt page, type F: and press "Enter."

10. Type attrib *. * Shr / s / d and press 'Enter.' Image sequence written as follows:

Character: command to compose one of the file or folder attributes

-s: system (negative sign means to remove the attribute system)

- h: hidden (negative sign means that removes the hidden attribute)

- r: read-only (negative sign means removing read-only attributes)

* * :. Is to apply to all files or folders

/ S: is to apply subdirectories attributes

/ D: is to apply the attribute in the directory

11. Then take a look at the drive, so that all files and folders are hidden by the virus is normal and can be reopened.

In addition to restoring files using the command prompt, you can also use the auxiliary program called "Attribute Changer". Change program attribute is used to change the file assign that change to the hidden system, read-only, and so on. AndTo restore it. This program is freeware (freeware) and to get it you can search and download on the Internet.

Here's how to use the Attribute Changer program:

1. Install the program by double-clicking the Attribute Changer file.

2. Next, open a "Install Language" dialog box. Default will be English, or you can change it, then click the OK button.

3. In the "Setup Wizard" dialog box, click Next>.

4. In the "License Agreement" dialog box, select the "I accept the licensing thermies" checkbox and click the Next button>, accept all rules and policies in use from the program.

5. In the "Choose Installation Location dialog box, you can choose a different directory to store files. Then click Next>.

6. In the "Choose the Start Folder" dialog box, click the Install button.

7. In addition, setup. In the "Installation Complete" dialog box, click Next>, and then click the Finish button. Then the installation process is complete. The program that you run from a menu when you right-click a file or folder with an additional menu called "Attribute Change."

8. To change the file attributes are hidden viruses, for example, using the example above, the following files and folders can be seen slightly, then click all the folders first, and then click Right and click Edit Attributes.

9. Next, it opens an Attribute Changer program dialog.

10. To normalize the folder uncheck the "hidden" and "system" box, and then click the OK button. Next do the same steps in MS Word files.

11. Then take a look at the drive, so that all files and folders are hidden by the virus is normal and can be reopened.

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