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Prayer For People Who Hurt We're Sorry

Prayer for People Hurting Us Regret - All the problems that come true is a test that makes you be more firm and patient in life. When someone hurts us, for example, you should always try to always approach the Creator to give the ease to solve the problem.

Someone who offend us, be it friends, lovers, neighbors or the family itself is a part of our lives. You are not obliged to respond to all his actions with evil or with his back to hurt him. Islam teaches us to always be subject to Allah SWT. Prayer for the people who made us so sorry for his mistakes and realize that we should certainly pray while doing what you learned Rasululloh while our hearts are hurt. Well, prayer for people Hurting We Regret No one wants to get hurt, but that does not mean yes when we have been hurt, you have to evacuate anger and vengeance to those who hurt us. Islam teaches us to pay attention to our attitude if there is someone who hurt you. There are 5 things you should do when there are people who are hurting us. Including the ones by reciting a prayer that those who offend us regret and be aware of the mistakes / kekhilafannya.

1. Muhasabah

First, you should try bermuhasabah or introspection. What is causing others to hurt you. Is it possible, it hurt us on the basis of the mistakes you've ever made? Or is it all the sins of our past? Masinglah all of us can answer any of these questions.

2. Put Yourself in Allah

Second, we hold on to Allah. Be grateful because God has made you persecuted. Be patient and pray. Because of the prayers of the oppressed are prayers fulfilled. You do not need to pray for bad things to those who hurt us. Pray good things to him, as with a prayer that those who hurt us and regret consciousness of their mistakes as follows.
O Allah, guide us to always be able to take lessons from events. Make us a slave to anger. Relieve our hearts in order to be ready to forgive errors. Give us strength to be able to respond to all bad things with good.
O God, our consciousness that all things that have and will happen is on top of your will and your decree. Make any decree you make us, which brings us ever closer to you. O Allaah forgives our sins and the sins of those who hurt us. Satukanlah Hati Kami with your marifah. Amen.

3. We love people Hurt

Third, love those who hurt us. If the injury is rewarded by an injury, hostility will certainly not endless, right? Now, give sweetness, not vengeance, for who knows who is hurt you person who will help you in trouble.

4. Anger of control

Fourth, control anger. If you keep anger, you will never benefit, in fact, there are two absolute losses obtained by you. First loss you were hurting people, and the second loss we were hurt by yourselves because his anger will ruin your feelings. Therefore, you resist. Pray for those who do us evil regret is better than the devil's wandering desire. For this, just Let's pain and tyranny by what it may be your sin.

5. Realize

Know that everything that happens to us, including quarrels and problems you encounter is or fate, qodo and qodarulloh. Well, we as servants are merely an intermediary for the appearance of everything, while those who are ready for anything is Allah SWT.

6. Forgive

Sixth, forgive. There is nothing more beautiful than mutual forgiveness. Forgive those who have harmed us so that we may achieve goodness magnificently. Forgive only with sincerity. Is not Allah the Forgiving always forgiving all the sins we have ever done? Why yes as mahluknya you can not learn to forgive?

Well, that's what we should do when they feel hurt by others. In conclusion, do not respond to your pain with anger and resentment that broods. Please respond to a prayer that those who offend us regret and be aware of the mistakes and not overcome by evil kekhilafannya yes .... If all goes well useful!
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