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Benefits of Monday Fasting Thursday for Success

Benefits of Monday Fasting Thursday for Success
The benefits of fasting on Mondays and Thursdays indeed are many and have contributed to human life in daily activities. In other religions other than Islam, are also recommended and ordained his people to fast, even if the system in different ways. Here will be presented several benefits of fasting on Mondays and Thursdays to teach you.

1. rejuvenation of skin cells

Skin cells in humans who died must be replaced backwards or in other words regenerated or rejuvenated. You do not need the help of a product or drug should be consumed. You do need to perform regular fastings on Mondays and Thursdays. Indeed, linked to metabolism in the human body that stops during fasting, and it causes the body cells can work to become more active again, such as skin cells.

2. Tighten the skin

Maybe you do not believe what the connection between fasting on Monday and Thursday with the tightening of the skin. As well as rejuvenating the skin, when you fast all day, the metabolism in the body also rested so as to make the cells in the body work harder or more. The result, among others, outside the body's organs, such that the skin will be healthier and firmer. Try to prove it!

3. Elimination of toxins in the body

Without the research of scientists, you will be able to think logically, if the fasting fast on Monday and Thursday can eliminate toxins or poisons in the body. Poisonous mixed in blood, fat or other parts that come from the food and drinks we consume every day.
Opt-out not only with exercise alone, you know. However, you should stop eating food and drink at least for a day, so that toxins can be eliminated effectively. Expenses can be by sweat, urine, or when you defecate. How to fast on Monday and Thursday, it is effective to deliver believes sedimented toxins in the body. If the toxins are, then you will feel your body healthier and fit.

4. Provide rest for the digestive organs

Digestive organs in the body you own as a machine, well, call the engine of a motor vehicle. Certainly no means of a machine can be activated and operates permanently because it does damage one or more parts or spare parts of the machine. Now the motor vehicle also needs a break so as not to break the components in it. In addition, the machine also requires regular maintenance.

As well as digestive organs in your body that needs rest for not working at least a day to two days a week. It works to optimize the function of the digestive organs, toxins in the digestive organs, as well as routine maintenance in order to not disintegrate for your digestive organs. The only effective way you can do to ease your digestive organs are denganpuasa on Mondays and Thursdays.

5. Lower levels of fat

Fat is indeed one of the nutrients your body needs from you. However, if you have fat in the body too of course will only make the disease come. Therefore, the excess fat in your body should be removed. There are three ways that are very effective and you can do it immediately, is regular exercise, a healthy diet, as well as fasting on Monday and Thursday. The third way is done correctly, is guaranteed to reduce the level of fat in your body. Positive result, your body will be spared by a variety of diseases such as high blood pressure or cholesterol.

6. Beautify women naturally

Well, you fast on Monday and Thursday, the body cells will be reorganized or replaced on a regular basis. It causes the cells in the body that you are still experiencing rejuvenation. Now, therefore, organs and organs outside the body, you will become healthier and fresh. For example, the body experience skin rejuvenation of skin cells will make the facial skin clean, fresh, and looks pretty. For you women who look good to be beautiful and young, there is no harm in trying to fast on Monday and Thursday.

7. Soothes the soul and feeling

People are accustomed to fasting on Monday and Thursday in general can better control his thoughts and feelings. As an example, with fasting on Mondays and Thursdays people can be patient, control passions, emotions and resist bad or negative thoughts. With uncontrolled mind, will lead to peace of mind for you. Well, those of you who have always been haunted by fear, the stres
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