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name terms in blogger bro

A-List: A list of bloggers who blog with relatively high traffic and is widely known in the blogging world. Usually refers to a list of 100 Technorati Blog.

Adsense: online advertising network of the most famous on the internet. Adsense is owned by Google and provides the opportunity for bloggers to monetize their blogs by displaying contextual ads on their blogs. Every time someone clicks on a Google Adsense ad text, then the blog owner will get a commission.

Adwords: The opposite of Adsense. Adwords allows companies or individuals to advertise and promote products, services or websites they are based on the calculation of cost per click (CPC). An advertiser must determine which keywords are going to dibidiknya and how much he can give for every click. AdWords ads can appear on Google search results page as well as on the Adsense ad units on your site or blog that follows the Adsense program.

Affiliate Marketing: Also called affiliate, is a very popular way to earn money on the Internet where an owner of the affiliate program gives other people the opportunity to market their products or services in exchange for a commission. The Commission may be fixed or variable, and can be based on clicks, leads or sales that occurred.

Akismet: spam filter plugins for blog platform WordPress which is very popular. Made by the same company that makes the code WordPress, Automattic.

Alexa: An online company (owned by Amazon.com) that monitors traffic of all sites on the internet. Used a ranking system based on statistical data from the browser toolbar internet users. Later they changed the ranking algorithm is to eliminate bias toolbars that many profitable websites stubs technology. The lower the Alexa ranking, the higher the trafficnya. Nevertheless, there is some controversy about the accuracy of Alexa's ranking.

Anchor Text: The text used in the link back. Most expert search engine optimization (SEO) agreed that the anchor text is one important factor that influences the position of the ranking of a website or blog in search results.
Atom: A syndication feed format that was developed as an alternative to RSS. Atom allows a person to get updates of articles from a website or blog when there are new posts.

Automattic: The company founded by Matt Mullenweg and responsible for the development WordPress.org (blogging software) and WordPress (hosting) in addition to other projects.

Backlink: Hyperlink appearing on blogs or other sites and link on the main page or any other page in a blog or website. Backlink is important because Google and other search engines use the number and quality of backlinks as a measure of the level of confidence a blog or website.

Blackhat: Combined SEO and online marketing techniques that are often unethical and sometimes illegal for specific purposes. Hiding text behind an image or use doorway pages to re-direct is an example of blackhat techniques.

Blog: A type of sites where the owners to publish your thoughts, ideas or knowledge on a specific topic. Usually the contents of the article, which is called post, and arranged in chronological order. Blog originally appeared as an online diary, but now the blog covers a wide variety of niche topics, and competing with the mass media mostly.

Blog Carnival: An event when bloggers get together to to create a collection of articles on a particular topic. Blog carnival usually consists of only one blog with a blog who participated send the article.

Blogger: Someone who has a blog. It's also a commercial name and a hosting platform with Google's free blog (better known by the name Blogspot extension).

Blogging: Activities to write something on the blog. It could also mean a wider activity carried out by a blogger (for example, interact with readers, prepare the material content, etc.).

Bloglines: RSS Feed Reader One of the most popular. Bloglines is a web-based application that allows users to subscribe and manage RSS feeds.

Blogosphere: The term used to describe a world created by a network of blogs.

Blogroll: Features a very popular blog that allows blog owners to show a list of other blogs that direkomendasikannya. This feature is usually displayed in the sidebar. But even fewer blogs featuring blogroll.

Comments: Almost all blog platforms allow readers to leave comments and leave feedback on every page of a blog post articles. This feature makes blogs a direct conversation media and has become one fax
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