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5 Operating System Most Widely Used Mobile

5 Operating System Most Widely Used Mobile - Operating System is the main software used either on your computer or mobile phone. Without a mobile phone or a computer operating system can not run. Because the main Fungsing of the operating system is the connection between software and hardware. It used to be a popular operating system on your computer is Windows, but now transformed into the Android operating system that is popular among mobile phone users. Almost every current smartphone using the Android operating system.

Here is an Operating System Mobile 5 Most Widely Used:

1. Android OS
A company called Android Inc. was first founded in 2003. Nearby occurred up and down your body also affects the company's performance. Area Until 2005 the company acquired and started to develop it.

While the Android operating system itself is now known as a mobile operating system based on Linux and more often operated on the type of touchscreen mobile devices. Beginning in 2008 when Google released the Android OS named Astro, and continues to be upgraded to bring new terms. Starting from Donuts, Jelly Bean, to Lollipop.

There is now tercatatat billions of users around the world who are active in your Android device, in this case in the mobile phone / smartphone Android. Android applications can be installed and then used just by looking at warehouse ie android app Google Play Store.

Installing applications from the official store is the most recommended in order to maintain the security of the device and the user's personal account. Types and categories of applications most popular and widely downloaded by the user up to 2015 is a category of Social Games and applications.

Most applications can be operated here in all versions of Android and in almost all brands of cell phones using this OS. Call it Samsung, Nexus, Motorola, HTC, etc ..

2. iOS
Which is an operating system for the iPhone (as it was called iOS) and also for the kinds of products being developed by Apple Inc. Types of devices using this OS is usually called iDevice, comprising: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV.

So, iOS first introduced in line with the release of hot phone called the iPhone. Which makes this OS is always in the interest of iOS prioritize performance rather than appearance, making it more user friendly.

In addition, the party until now Apple Inc. also do not allow third-party intervention in the development of this os. That is why the main display iOS is not too much changed since 2007 and is still "user friendly".

Applications are provided to pamper users are also quite a lot. Can be downloaded through the App Store (iOS). Additionally there is iTunes which was also developed by Apple Inc. which can make it easier for users to play, edit and download digital audio / video.

3. Windows Phone OS
Windows is the operating system most familiar in the world of technology. Given the computer is a former tech and still advanced since the beginning appeared until now. Yup, almost all computer devices using windows OS which is developed by the company in the world technology giant that is Microsoft.

Now a special Windows system for mobile (phone) has been developed. OS known as Windows Mobile or Windows Phone OS. Reportedly, this happened since Microsoft and Nokia collaborate once, and now? Microsoft so you know.

As well as the above two OS, a smartphone with Windows OS users can search for and install a variety of applications / software at the official store and secure. Windows Phone Store which will also be integrated into the Nokia Ovi Store so that the scope and quantity broader results.

In addition, users can use the map feature is a combination of Nokia Maps with Bing Maps. Yet another thing that is most in demand by users of this OS is the ease of use of Microsoft Office in smartphones (Office Hub).

Moreover, Microsoft also continues to improve the performance of this feature regularly. No wonder the current windows phone OS is listed as the third largest in the world.

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4. BlackBerry OS
Mobile phone operating system was first launched in 1999 by the company Regional Research In Motion Limited and are now by Blackberry Ltd. Since the beginning emerge, blackberry smartphone users already mebgundang world attention because of the system and how it works is unique.

Besides, BB also combines a touch screen with its typical keyboard. Uniquely, BB had some sort of mouse through the trackwheel, trackball, trackpad and the newest full touch. To her also the only mobile OS output Blackberry Ltd who use it. But that does not mean this phone does not have a shortage.

From personal experience of the user, one thing that is somewhat minuses of this phone is too sensitive
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