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5 Causes Slow Laptop and fix:

Laptop Causes Slow and How to Overcome It - Create a new laptop users might slow or slow laptop problem will not occur. But for laptop users aged for 1-2 years and even more will certainly feel the problem of slow on this laptop. The cause of lemotnya performance of this laptop there are many. Here I will only discuss five factors causing slow laptop and how to overcome them. I am interested in discussing this because this fifth is a factor that often occurs on the laptop.

The fifth factor is hardware malfunction, Hard Disk Full, Virus attack, too many programs installed and the number of temporary files (Temporary files). For more details of how these factors can occur and how to handle it please see review below.

5 Causes Slow Laptop and fix:
Damage to Hardware - damage to hardware or hardware that makes the computer becomes slow, generally damage occurs to the motherboard and hard drive. Damage to the motherboard and hard drive because some components of the motherboard or hard disk is not working properly to read and write and send the data information. On the hard disk, this damage is called bad sectors. If the hard disk is already bad sectors, then certainly the laptop / computer will slow. For a possible solution - simply by replacing the hard disklama with a new hard disk. But if you still want to retain the old hard disk, please use the software can shut down your laptop so bad sector is no longer slow. For the case of bad sectors are still early can usually be repaired using to partition and format the hard disk.
Hard Disk Full (Low Space) - The storage space on the hard disk is very influential on the access speed of the laptop. If the hard disk space is getting cramped / small (low space) it is certain that the laptop will be slow. This problem occurs because the laptop trouble putting the data and information, because the empty space on the hard disk is very limited. The fix - Please backup data may include images, video and music on other storage media such as CD, DVD, Flash Disk, or another hard drive.
Hit by Attacks Virus - A virus is a program that works behind the scenes unnoticed by laptop users. This virus can be determined by using anti-virus to detect and clean it. The virus was sent to disrupt the work laptop, steal data and information in a target laptop. For how Overcome - please you use anti-virus paid, do not use anti-virus free, because free anti-virus can not protect your computer optimally, it deliberately allowed some viruses (viruses bully) in so interfere with the performance of the laptop, so users laptopr immediately pay anti virus. For the use of anti-virus is also not too excessive. The use of excessive anti-virus is usually done by laptop users who use anti-virus free. So one laptop unit with 2 anti virus installed, this step is an action that can slow down the laptop. Installing two anti-virus is tantamount to face two security guards at the gate.
Too Many Programs Installed on Laptop - One of the causes of slow laptop is too many programs installed. Too many programs installed cause the more services that run at startup time windows. To fix - please uninstall programs that you rarely use or never used. Turn off some service that you feel it is suspicious, by typing msconfig in the run and then you remove the check mark in the service you already suspect.
While many files (temporary files) - Make sure Internet users often have an issue like this, the computer will be slow if the temporary program was never cleaned. This temporary program is formed when you open a website or blog through a browser. The files that are only temporarily be stored on a hard disk to speed up the process of loading the browser page views. To How to Clean temporary files as follows: Click the Start menu button - then select Control Panel - Select Network and Internet - In Internet Options, you click Delete browsing history and cookies - On the menu General tab, please Click Delete under Browsing history - the next tick the Preserve Favorites website data, the Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, Form data, Passwords and InPrivate Filtering data - Then click Delete
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